Adoption of IoT in homes is transforming our lives in ways we have barely imagined. Imminent Labs works with device manufacturers and service providers in embedding connectivity, security, multimedia and data management in their smart home products and solutions.

Security and access control | Energy efficiency | Entertainment | Smart appliances | Whole premise automation


industrial IoT

Industrial internet of things has enabled enterprises to not just improve efficiencies but drive unconventional growth. Imminent Labs works with equipment manufacturers, system integrators and factory operators supporting them across IoT architecture.

Remote asset monitoring | Predictive maintenance | In-factory automation | Environmental control | Workforce productivity


intelligent buildings

While buildings have had building management systems (BMS) traditionally, IoT has allowed these systems to truly connect to internet at large enabling several innovative use cases. Imminent Labs provides manufacturers, building managers and system integrators off-the-shelf software as well as services to bring these use cases to life.

Lighting | Security and access control | Energy efficiency | Environment control | Whole premise automation


smart cities

IoT is key to realizing smart cities that are safer, cleaner and more efficient. Imminent Labs works with system integrators and equipment makers across solution lifecycle from ideation to productization and provides strong technological foundation to quickly realize these benefits.

Smart parking | Smart lighting | Smart transportation



Imminent Labs Consumer offerings are built around the convergence of home automation, machine intelligence and human convenience. Our solutions enable intelligent and context specific decisions.

Wearables | Personal devices | Personal health



Imminent Labs partners with semiconductor manufacturers to deliver Internet Of Things (IoT) solutions across multiple industry verticals. Our software frameworks have been integrated on platforms from world’s leading semiconductor vendors including Intel, ARM, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Analog Devices, Cypress, TI etc and provide a quick solution to acclerate IoT adoption.